The John Oliver Michael House

 is the Michael Family homestead, dating back to 1903. Nestled among gently rolling pastures and oak woodland, the grounds are iconic for a Georgia wedding. Today, the main house and the surrounding grounds have been lovingly restored and transformed into a sweet, family-owned and operated wedding venue.

A Venue Where Possibilities Abound
The perfect backdrop for the wedding of your dreams.

It is YOUR Wedding, YOUR Day, Make It YOUR Own!

We are the Michael Family

The many hands behind extraordinary experiences.

The Michael Family never imagined they would be in the wedding business. Rather, the idea was sparked with their eldest daughter's nuptials. Disappointed with the rushed and subsequently stressed experience, they decided to create a venue more aligned with their relaxed style. What started in 2004, The John Oliver Michael House became a family-owned and operated labor of love. How perfect, right?

A group of people posing for a picture.
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